TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) in Oregon

TRE is based on a very simple concept; .that the human nervous system has a natural/innate way of recovering from stress and trauma – if we don’t suppress it.

Note, in November 2019, David Berceli released the TRE instructional video for FREE on YouTube. Please note cautions at beginning of video:  YouTube LINK

and a video on interventions here:  YouTube LINK
GreenLine“I couldn’t help but believe that if trauma can occur to every human being, then a healing process must be available to everyone too. Is there an obvious natural solution – available to anyone, anywhere in the world – that we have overlooked, that can open the door that has locked us in our own isolation?”

“We are genetically encoded to tremor. The exercises do not do anything to the body except reawaken and reengage this natural tremoring mechanism that has been dormant inside us.”

Dr. David Berceli
Founder of TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)


 “You will measure your entire life experience as to how it was before
and after you started doing the TRE’s.”  
Eric Robins, MD