TRE Classes In Oregon

(check the “Providers In Oregon” page for private one-on-one sessions)


Lynea Gillen (Portland), LPC, RYT,  is a Certified TRE Provider. Lynea specializes in teaching TRE to children. Contact Lynea to schedule a one-on-one, or information about her next class:

Web:  and


Moline Whitson teaches TRE classes at Harmony Yoga in the Hollywood Neighborhood of NE Portland. or 503-335-8851
For future class schedule:


Svava Brooks teaches group and private sessions in the Portland area. Her meetup site:

GreenLineClaire Darling, LMT, OLN 13113 teaches TRE classes at the Revolution Pain Relief office in the Beaver Creek Village mall (upstairs):
3877 SW Hall Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97005
work# 503-747-4696, mobile# 503-317-4873