TRE Providers In Oregon

I will list certified providers in Oregon as they become available (or are requested). Check here for an official list of Oregon providers at  (enter Oregon under state/providence). If you would like to be listed on this page here, contact me through the “submit and event” page.

GreenLineMegan Moseley is a Certified Provider and is available to teach TRE to clients.  Megan is a physical therapist in downtown Portland.  Contact her through her website:
Ryan Crosby (Portland) is a Certified TRE® Provider & Yoga instructor. She is available for individual sessions. Contact her through her website: Gillen (Portland), LPC, is a Certified TRE Provider, and is available for individual sessions.  Lynea is also a Yoga instructor, and specializes in working with children. Contact her at:
Email:  and
GreenLineTerry Wood (Tigard/Beaverton) is a Certified TRE® Provider on the west side of  Portland, and regularly teaches group classes.  He is also available for individual sessions.
For more info (Terry’s website and class schedule):
Terry’s 4-year TRE journal, documenting the amazing healing power of TRE:
GreenLineGabrielle Hoffman is a Certified TRE Provider (L1) and is available for individual sessions. Gabrielle is a hakomi mindfulness-based counselor, hypnotherapist, and a massage therapist. Her office is in SE Portland.
Ph: 503-788-1404
Web:..www.gabriellehoffman.vpweb.comGreenLineMoline Whitson is a Certified TRE® Provider, with 20+ years of experience teaching body/mind modalities, including Yoga and Martial Arts.  Owner of Harmony Yoga, she is skilled at ‘reading bodies’ and helping people work within a safe and comfortable realm for optimum benefit.  Classes and individual sessions available.
Email:  or call (503)335-8851

Debra Burchard (Ashland and Rogue Valley) is a Certified TRE® Provider providing private sessions and groups.  She has been an Energy Kinesiologist since 1986 and works and teaches in Southern Oregon and around the Western US.
541-890-9207 GreenLine
Sarah Clark is a Certified TRE Provider and Classical Five Element acupuncturist in Northwest Portland. She offers group and individual TRE sessions. Contact her for sessions at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center: 503.701.8766 X1 or
For more about Sarah, please visit her web page: GreenLineLizz Schallert currently works as a mental health clinician in a multi-cultural counseling center at Lutheran Community Services NW in Portland, OR. Specializing in trauma treatment, Lizz also has experience in community social work, activism, and organizational development. She has served the international nonprofit Christian Peacemaker Teams through organizational trainings in trauma care and as a volunteer clinician on their Circle of Care to assist team members working in the warzones of the world. As a social worker, Lizz enjoys integrating TRE within the context of the therapeutic alliance to promote trauma resilience and recovery. She also enjoys equipping organizers and activists with tools like TRE that promote sustainable change.
email:..lschallert@lcsnw.orgGreenLineDr. Louise Rose is a Naturopathic physician, Neurofeedback practitioner, and TRE provider. Learn more about her at where you can schedule an appointment for individual TRE sessions.
Denise Jessup is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Hakomi Therapist, and a Certified TRE® Provider in private practice in Eugene, Oregon. A licensed therapist since 1994, she enjoys integrating TRE with mindfulness-based, body-centered psychotherapy and other methods.  She works with individual adults, couples and groups. Phone:  541-344-1501. . . .     Email:
GreenLineLiz Eisman is a Certified TRE® Provider, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Registered Yoga Teacher, & a Yoga Teacher Trainer for the local non-profit, Living Yoga. She has been in private practice for over 20 years combining her knowledge of anatomy and physiology with psychology and mindfulness. She supports individuals and groups to find more connection with their bodies and the people in their lives.  Her office is located in the Hollywood district of NE Pdx.
Email:    . . . Web:
Phone: 503-422-3257
Mary Beth Llorens is a certified TRE Provider and Licensed Psychologist with a psychotherapy practice in Eugene. She integrates psychotherapy, mindfulness, and TRE in her practice with individuals, couples, and groups.
Mary Beth can be reached by email: or phone: 541-302-6439
Susan Levine Friedman is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified TRE provider in Eugene. She has been a psychotherapist for over 35 years utilizing mindfulness, process-oriented psychology, EMDR, and other approaches to healing.  You may contact Susan at 541-484-5594 or at
Christa Hines, LCSW, CADCII is a psychotherapist in private practice in North Portland. She has worked in the field for 25 years and specializes in trauma as it relates to mental health, addiction and chronic illness. Christa offers individual and small group TRE sessions.
Phone: 503-502-1706
Sarah Lax is a Licensed Midwife and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She strives to support women and families through challenges and transitions during the child bearing and child rearing years. Sarah is also a Certified TRE® Provider and offers TRE for groups and individuals at two locations in SE and SW Portland. Additionally, she offers in home and Skype sessions for individuals who are not able to travel easily. Contact Sarah at or phone 503-683-7374 . .
Shanti O’Connor is a Certified TRE provider in Bend, OR. She teaches group and individual TRE classes. Shanti is a counselor, teacher and hypnotherapist.

GreenLineClaire Darling, LMT, OLN 13113
Revolution Pain Relief clinic in downtown Beaverton.
work# 503-747-4696, mobile# 503-317-4873
Beaverton, OR 97005

GreenLineJen Donovan, MFT, is a certified TRE provider and a mental health therapist in Eugene, Oregon.  I use a trauma and attachment informed perspective and integrate other somatic and mindfulness therapies with tremoring work to help clients increase nervous system regulation and better manage stress, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other related issues. I see individuals, families and relationships on a sliding scale cost.
Phone: 541-515-1515