TRE Quilt

By Terry Wood

In the summer of 2014, I casually said to my wife Christie; “maybe you should make a TRE quilt” (my wife has been quilting for many years.)  .At first, we weren’t sure what would go onto a TRE quilt. What would we put onto the individual blocks? Should we even pursue this? Long-story-short, some ideas were passed back and forth, blocks were laid out, then TRE logos and colors were determined. After about eight months, it was finished. This is the first TRE quilt ever made. On August 16th 2015, the quilt was revealed at the advanced training workshop in Portland Oregon. In August 2015, the quilt was shipped to David Berceli, who now owns it.

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Finished Quilt

In Process
In Process

Revealed At Advanced Training Workshop Aug 16th, 2015

Closeup Of Block & Stitching

Closeup Block

Closeup Block

Closeup Block

Quilt Back

Signature Label

Update August 2016:

On July 28th 2016, at the advanced TRE training in Tempe Arizona, David Berceli gave the quilt to Sae Kani, who will take it to Nepal and give it to Samrat Basnet, who works at a clinic in Nepal (Nepal Healthcare Equipment Development Foundation).  NHEDP collects and redistributes donated healthcare equipment throughout the country.  In photo (left to right), Terry, David, Joan, Sae.